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HCM News

  • Moo - (More Real) - HCM tested Negative on 29/11/17 at 8 years of age, retired

  • Mocha (Skinny Mochaccino)  - HCM tested Negative on 29/11/17,  at 2 years of age, retired

  • Mav (Maverick)HCM tested Positive on 29/11/17 (last scanned negative on 8 March 2017) at 4 years of age, retired
  • Pet owners have been notified and it is recommended that they advise their vets, take out health insurance as a precautionary measure if they don't already have, and have their pet heart scanned regularly from around one year of age.
  • His breeder has been notified
  • He is already desexed and will continue to be scanned minimum yearly - he does not currently need medication
  • All of his entire progeny within Australasia are to be desexed so that this line does not continue here (the breeder in USA with his lines has been notified and has not responded)
  • Results will be listed on public sphynx rex database once received from cardiologist

Every step along the way there has been HCM testing and there has not been any indication that he would ever test positive.  This is no ones fault and it is kindly requested that there are no vindictive/negative comments or apportioning of blame here.  It is because he was bred and owned by HCM testing breeders that this condition has been discovered early and it is being dealt with by responsible breeders.  It is for this reason that his results are being publicly notified so that all sphynx breeders can learn from this.

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