Sphynx Star and Im Sphynx

CQI Registered Breeder of Quality Sphynx. Located in the SE corner of Queensland, Australia


We do not have any kittens or retired breeding cats available. 

Cats do not cycle like dogs and therefore we are unable to predict when a girl will come into season, or when mated, how many kittens she will have or the sexes.  Due to their DNA trait testing we can predict what the colour range may be, and we can predict the birth date based on the mating date.

No kittens are advertised or offered to buyers until at least a week after their first vet check and vaccination at which time we obtain a health certificate for each kitten.   First option of available kitten is kept by us, and 2nd option to other breeders, next  is repeat buyers.

Pregnancy lasts around 65 days, and kittens receive their second vaccination at around 12 weeks, being placed in homes around 14-16 weeks.  From conception to arriving in a new home is around  23 weeks or over 5 months.  

All information is on the FAQ page including pricing.  We are unable to predict what colours, sexes or number of kitten born in each pregnancy, but can predict the range of colours based on the parents DNA tested traits.

We do not keep a waiting list.

Please join the facebook groups Australasian Sphynx Health Alliance (ASHA) and Sphynx Kittens and More Australia for kitten/cat news.

If you are talking to any breeder about sphynx kittens, please ensure that you ask for copies of the parents HCM results, both DNA and cardiologist scans - this may affect the future health of your sphynx kitten.

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