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Registered Breeder. Located in the SE corner of Queensland, Australia

Welcome to Sphynxstar and Im Sphynx Cattery

Logan City Council Permit #4934
Last Updated 13/08/21 

We have no cats or kittens available as our cats have a breeding break over autumn and winter and are unable to predict availability at this time

We Do Not offer "Designer Breeds" such as elfs, dwelfs or bambinos

Please read our STOP THE PRESS page for important news

of sphynx scammers Jeane Sphynx Kittens, Sphynx Cats and Shannon Buds
They are contacting breeders and asking for help to become registered breeders (currently unregistered) and asking for copies of pedigrees and other health paperwork to support their scams.
They are selling kittens on facebook and regularly change the name of their sites and also location.  Currently "Jeane" is saying she is located in my neighbourhood of new beith, having moved interstate through the covid wall of police.  I have no affiliation with these scammers.

buyer beware

HCM, FIV/Felv and DNA testing cattery, council registered

We are located in the South East corner of Queensland, Australia 40 minutes from the heart of Brisbane.

Sphynx are an active and intelligent companion who make their presence known by their desire to interact with human family members and visitors alike.  They are not a breed suited to everyone as they crave human attention and are not suitable for those looking for a docile cat.

Our aim is to breed for health, conformation and temperament.

Please note that all information such as pricing and availability is included on this website.

Now also DNA testing for  SPHYNX HCM DNA and Sphynx/Devon Rex Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome (CMS) - known as devon spasticity, as well as testing for Sphynx and Devon Rex Coats.  Kittens are placed in homes with copies of all relevant health test results and Veterinary Health Certificates.